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News News Blogs
Latest Arrivals:
Serena Williams Bests Sharapova to Claim 6th Aussi...
The Red Tape Chronic.... Arrived 34 minutes ago

Smoky 4-Alarm Blaze Tears Through Brooklyn Warehou...
The Red Tape Chronic.... Arrived 34 minutes ago

Charlie Hebdo Staff 'Not Ready' to Publish Magazin...
The Red Tape Chronic.... Arrived 1 hour, 49 minutes ago

Top-Rated Posts:

Woman’s chilling devil exorcism filmed through k...
137 points | Weird News

Best Gigs on Fiverr
135 points | Weird News

6 Year old Girl Writes a Book
123 points | Weird News

Entertainment Entertainment Blogs
Latest Arrivals:
On ‘Face the Nation,’ Ben Affleck discusses Se... C.... Arrived 4 minutes ago

Friday list: Celebritology reminiscences C.... Arrived 4 minutes ago

This is the Celebritology goodbye C.... Arrived 4 minutes ago

Top-Rated Posts:

Review: Parenthood‘s Finale Brings It All Back H...
139 points | Tuned In

Food Futures: Arctic Seed Vault Adds 100,000 New V...
139 points | Web Urbanist

Kelly Slater Teams Up with PBteen to Launch Cool H...
139 points | Celebrity Baby Blog

Technology Technology Blogs
Latest Arrivals:
Samsung pierde terreno con los teléfonos intelige...
Desinformado. Arrived 13 minutes ago

Most Americans Support Government Action On Climat...
digg. Arrived 18 minutes ago

Old People: Still Having Sex
digg. Arrived 18 minutes ago

Top-Rated Posts:

The MPAA Forces Craft Brewer To Abandon Its 'Rated...
139 points | Techdirt

FCC Redefines Broadband As 25 Mbps, Angering Broad...
139 points | Techdirt

Sleazy “revenge porn” site is banished to sett...
139 points | Ars Technica

Political Political Blogs
Latest Arrivals:
Mitt Romney, Foreseeing Third Defeat, Decides Not ...
American Power. Arrived 15 minutes ago

Russian hacker caught in Amsterdam extradited to U...
PrairiePundit. Arrived 16 minutes ago

Obama administration attempts to cover its retreat...
PrairiePundit. Arrived 16 minutes ago

Top-Rated Posts:

Open Thread: Social Media Kidz, These Days
139 points | Balloon Juice

Boehner’s Blatant Lie: Does the Truth Matter...
139 points | The Moderate Voice

Anti-Muslim Protesters Shout Islamophobic Insults ...
139 points | Crooks and Liars

Car Car Blogs
Latest Arrivals:
Mercedes-AMG GT – Destroyer of Porsche 911 dream...
Cars UK | UK Car New.... Arrived 13 minutes ago

X-appeal? Toyota Aygo driven
Auto IT Blog. Arrived 2 hours, 49 minutes ago

IndyCar Off To A Shaky Start For 2015
...notes from The ED.... Arrived 14 hours, 59 minutes ago

Top-Rated Posts:

US Once Again the Swing Oil Producer: Whither Gas ...
138 points | The Truth About Cars

Fireball drives the 2016 KIA SORENTO…
138 points | Fireball Tim!

Hyundai Genesis launches in the UK – on sale Apr...
137 points | Cars UK | UK Car New...

General General Blogs
Latest Arrivals:
Nightfighters in the East: new units
World War 2 Eagles. Arrived 12 minutes ago

Beautiful Blueberry Muffin Recipe
The Art of Being Per.... Arrived 12 minutes ago

All About A Pet Sitting Downingtown Business
Casey and Peanut. Arrived 16 minutes ago

Top-Rated Posts:

Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, Raleigh: New Google...
138 points | Huseby Court Reporti...

How to Make Dyed Coffee Filter Snowflakes
137 points | Wiki How

What are Kumquats?
137 points | Baking Bites -- A Co...

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